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Town with about 9,000 inhabitants on the northern edge of Nagykunság, 10-12 km south of Lake Tisza. The tumuli in the vicinity of the town are under protection. The thermal bath in the recreation park attracts a lot of foreign visitors. The largest two-steepled Calvinist church of the Great Plain, which was planned by József Hild, can be found in the centre of Kunhegyes. The baroque Town Library, which is a listed monument, the former salt-house, a relic of the one-time ´salt route´ of Szolnok-Debrecen-Transylvania, can be found beside it. The Kuman monument can be found in the park, in front of the Town Hall, the memorial of the victims of the 20th century is in the garden of the Calvinist church - both of them were made by sculptor Lajos Győrfi. The Komlóssy windmill in the vicinity of the town is a monument of folk architecture. The Roman Catholic church is also a listed monument, there is a unique collection of vestments. There are a lot of possibilities of spending leisure time, the lovers of cycling, hunting, angling or riding can find suitable places in the surroundings. The Association for the Village Tourism of Kunhegyes and the 3-star 4 Sport Hotel provide help in all these activities. The people living at the river Tisza like to preserve traditions, the values of the folk culture of the Great Plain. Craftsmanship, folk dance, hunting and fishing in the marshes are important parts of living folk culture. Outstanding events of the village: Jászkun Zither Festival, Young Man´s stick Artists’ camp, Merry-making on Michael´s day, Windmill Cycling and Walking competition, Fishing competition, Beach volley-ball competition, Stubborn Kumans Folk Games, the Month of the Twins - the day of the Twins, Wheat Harvest Day, Motorcyclists´ festival and the events of the Kun Cup international youth football tournament.

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