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Mezőcsát is situated in the north of Mezőség, in the table-land of Csát. It has a population of 6,700. There are two regional village museums in the village, one of them presenting the typical values of pottery in Mezőcsát, such as the Miska-jug and lighting devices. The other one is a cottage decorated with a large arched porch with a summer-bean. The Protestant church was built in 1745, the coffered ceiling of which was destroyed in the fire of 1890. The restoration of the monument was completed in 1999-2000. The church tower was built in country-Baroque style in 1777. The renewed Márk-mansion houses the memorial exhibition of poet József Kiss, who was born in Mezőcsát. Its bath awaits visitors in pleasant environment with 3 outdoor pools and one indoor pool of warm water.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Mezőcsát
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