Town with 8,598 inhabitants at the meeting of 3 counties at the temporary end of the No. 3 motorway. Its natural vegetation is part of the Tiszántúl district, the birds are the most valuable in its fauna. It is rich in fish and game (pheasant, wild-duck, partridge, boar, hare, deer). In the vicinity finds of the Bronze Age were excavated. Blessed Virgin church built from 1852 to 1856 in neo-Classical style according to plans by József Hild. In 1944 it was blown up, then reconstructed from 1948 to 1958. The group of buildings of Kálvária from 1769 is a listed monument. The buildings which were suggested to be listed (Polonkai house), the picture of the streets of a market town preserve the characteristics of the folk architecture of Matyóland. Holiday making facilities include a medicinal and open-air bath and water sport facilities. A boating lake and a 20 hectare park also belong to the bath. There is a campsite for 30 persons beside it. A lot of foreign guests return here year by year.

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