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It is located on the north-western part of Fejér county, 15 kms from Székesfehérvár, on the southern part of Mór ditch. The old name of the village was Csurgó, it is often mentioned by this name even today. The main catch-water of the area is the Gaja brook. An important sight of the village, the Vaskapu reservoir with 223 hectare water surface is a pleasant walk from the valley of the brook. It is a popular fishing and bathing place. It is said that one of King Matthias' fishing ponds was also located here. The surroundings are rich in game. A game reserve was founded here already in the 19th century, at the time of the counts Károlyi. The hunting lodge of the village receives a lot of hunters even today. The village is surrounded by hillocks rich in archeological finds. An earthwork from the early Iron Age can be found in the nearby Vár hill. There are nine tumuli of princes in the forest north of the village. The most known sight of Fehérvárcsurgó is the Károlyi castle, built in 1844 in neo-Classic style, surrounded by a 45 hectare park. It is being reconstructed. It is operated by the József Károlyi Foundation, which calls attention to the values of the castle by high standard exhibitions and cultural events. The world famous Amerigo Tot was born in Fehérvárcsurgó. His activity is presented in the museum.

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