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The village is accessible on road No.1 going as far as Bicske and then taking road No. 811 to the south. It is situated in the north of Mezőföld, at the region of the source of Váli water, at 150 m above sea level.
On the hillsides covered with hazelnut bushes you can see blooming wild orchids at the end of May. It was first mentioned in records in 1269 under the name Felcsuth, meaning Upper Csuth. This name shows that another settlement existed here as well called Alcsút - Lower Csút. In the territory relics from the Bronze age and the Roman times were found. In the Middle Ages the village was owned by the crusaders of Fehérvár and by local noblemen. After the Turkish rule it became the property of the Paulites. Between the two world wars the Hungarian-German village had a literary and a public education association, as well as a casino and a farmers' club. In its Roman Catholic and Calvinist cemetery you can find tombstones erected around 1820.

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