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A small town with a population of 6,500 in Nagy-Sárrét, 10 km from main road No. 47, north of Szeghalom, 60 km from Békéscsaba and 75 km from Debrecen. Its name comes from the name of an ancient Hungarian tribe Kürt-Gyarmat, and 'füzes' refers to the willow trees along the river Nagy-ér flowing through the village. The first record of the settlement in documents goes back to 1219. The developed large village became a town in 2000. The Calvinist Great Church, a historic building modelled on the Great Church of Kecskemét, was built in the Main square in 1808. The statue of Saint Barbara (the patron saint of miners and firemen), a work by Sándor Szőke, is a special sight in the centre of the village, as well as the special neo-baroque well. The life and way of living of the people of Füzesgyarmat and Sárrét in general are displayed in a perspective of more than 200 years in the Regional house. The memorial room of the peasant poet, János Hegyesi is also here. It is worth visiting the exhibitions of the paintings by Erzsébet Szitás. In the former mansion park a magnificent medicinal and open-air bath with two swimming pools with a stretched surface, a children's pool, four medicinal pools, a sauna and medicinal massage provide recreation and recovery for visitors all year round. Nearby you can find the 3-star Hotel Gara, which is one of the high-quality hotels in the east of the country. The Castrum thermal camping site, which is part of the international chain, was opened on 15 August 2004 offering facilities for camping in tents or in caravans. Campers can enjoy the pleasant environment and facilities are available for them to use the present infrastructure. The bath offers accommodation in motels for visitors, who can enjoy the sights of Füzesgyarmat, or go hunting, horse-riding, fishing or who can get acquainted with the craft of making carriages. The Füzesgyarmat Equestrian Days are organized traditionally in August each year: the coach driving contest and the masterly show of the horse-herders of Hortobágy are among the most thrilling programmes of the area.

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