The town with 16,000 inhabitants is situated in the Great Hungarian Plain, in the north of county Békés, on the bank of the river Hármas-Körös. It was formed when two large villages, Gyoma and Endrőd were united in 1982. It was given the rank of town in 1989. Gyoma was first mentioned in records under the name Gama in 1332. The name of Endrőd was mentioned in a document from 1716. The most beautiful monument of Endrőd is the St. Imre Catholic church in the main square, built in Baroque style between 1799 and 1805. Its monument church seats are especially beautiful. In Endrőd you can find a monument of the World War I., a memorial place of the gendarme fusillade in Endrőd in 1935, a wooden headboard erected in memory of the revolution of 1956, and a typical example of folk architecture, a farm house built in 1864, which houses the Regional Village Museum of Endrőd. Other sights include the Lutheran church, built in 1863, the Roman Catholic church, neo-Romanesque, of 1878 and the Calvinist church built in the style of the age of Louis XVI. of France in the main square of Gyoma. Another important building in the main square is the Classicist Town Hall built in 1889. On the bridge crossing the dead channel of the river you can see the statues of St. Cristopher and St. John of Nepomuk. The Kner Printing Press Museum in the town is the only collection of industrial history of this kind. The museum presents the history of the world-famous Kner Printing Press founded in 1882, as well as the career of the Kner family. Opposite the museum you can find the Béla Vidovszky Collection of Local History (Town Gallery), painter Béla Vidovszky was born in Gyoma, his paintings can be seen in the museum as well as the paintings by Margit Corini called the painter of Paris nights, sculptures by János Pásztor and graphics by Péter Illésy. In the Honti Workshop and Gallery you can see paintings, copper reliefs and graphics by painter and graphic artist Antal Honti. The Motor Museum owned by Elek Soczó is well-known in Europe with the reproductions of as many as 180 motorbikes. In the beautiful park of the Elisabeth grove you can find the most important attraction of the town, the completely renewed Liget Bath. Its thermal water of 62 °C was declared to be medicinal water in 1960. The water is suitable for treating chronic locomotor diseases, gynaecological and other complaints and it can be effectively used for drinking. There is a 26 km long path along the river Körös for hikers, cyclists, riders and water tourists. The programmes of the town - 6th International Cheese and Cottage-cheese Festival, 9th International Art Camp, 'Suttyomba' Folk Music Festival, National Motocross Championship, 8th Volkswagen beetles ' Meeting and the 6th International Fish Soup Cooking Competition - attract a lot of visitors.

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