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The name of Győrzámoly is probably of Slavic origin, it means ´place behind the shelf´. It was first mentioned in documents in 1271, as a settlement contiguous to Malmosok.Its value is mainly due to the landscape of Szigetköz, the cropland and the closeness of the Mosoni Danube. The village has over 2,000 inhabitants. The Roman Catholic church , which is a listed monument , was built in 1778. The public utilities, the closeness of Győr (5 kms) provide secure jobs to the inhabitants. Sporting life is flourishing, which is shown in the outstanding results of kendo. Besides this there are possibilities of water sports and riding. The latter can be enjoyed at the Horváth Lovas (Riding) Ltd. and Oszkár Cseri´s horse farm. The Village Museum, a cultural centre and a choir contribute to local cultural life.

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