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Village with 1,176 inhabitants on the central part of Fejér county, on the north-western edge of Mezőföld, 10 kms from the exit to Martonvásár of M7 motorway. It was inhabited already in the ancient times. It is verified by the building stones of the Roman settlements and the road which is called 'Roman road' even today. The first written document referred to Gyúró as a village in 1340. Sights: the Roman Catholic church which was built in 1824 and was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The Calvinist church was completed between 1782 and 1783, while its tower was built between 1784 and 1787. Its eastern side was enlarged in 1864. Its bell is from 1792, the Lord's table and the vessels were made in the 18th century. A monument was erected in memory of the slain of the war in 1992. In 2000 Millennium park and in its centre ceramic Saint Stephen well was inaugurated. Saint Stephen's portrait with the coronation jewels can be seen on one side, on the other side the coat-of-arms of Hungary and Gyúró, on the fourth side the mythical eagle of the ancient Hungarians can be seen, the names of the seven chieftains are on ceramic tablets on the edge of the well. Opposite to each tablet there is a jet of water symbolizing a spring breaking out.

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