Village with 4,000 inhabitants on the left bank of the Danube, 100 km south of Budapest. In the Roman times it belonged to Pannonia and it was completely destroyed during the Turkish occupation. The first families settled down here in 1723, in the land owned by Pál Ráday of Harta. In the World War 287 German families were removed from the village, and 243 Hungarian families were settled down. After adapting to the new situation, the development of the large village started. The churches are decorations of the village (Lutheran, Calvinist, Catholic). A bridge connects the village to the island and the bank of the Danube, which is 1 km from here. On the other side of the village you can find the unique salt desert (puszta) of Kiskunság. On the island of Felsőzátony you can find holiday homes and places for camping. In the neighbourhood visitors can go fishing and hunting. The relics of the old times are preserved in the Museum of Local History.

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