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Isztimér is located on the north-western edge of Fejér county on the block steps of the Eastern Bakony. It was first mentioned in documents in 1193. Due to the hard working German inhabitants it became a market town in 1792. Today it has 944 inhabitants most of whom are of German nationality. The Ethnic German municipality of Isztimér was founded in autumn 1998. The Edelweis singing circle was founded in 1987. It o performs locally collected old songs from Isztimér in its programme, too. The cultural centre and the library can be found in the centre. The house with Internet access has operated here since 2000. The village has had good connnections with Krauchenwies (Germany) since 1993. This connection was officialy signed in 1997. It has also close connections with Madar in Slovakia, because a lot of families from there were settled in Isztimér in 1948. The Burok valley primeval forest can be found on the area which administratively belongs to the village. It is a nature conservation area. Sights: the renovated Roman Catholic church with its frescos and wall-paintings, the St. Florian statue, the stations of the cross from the 18th century. The most popular event in Isztimér is the patronal festival on Anna's day on Sunday following 26th July.

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