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The large village almost deserving the rank of town in the south-eastern corner of county Békés can rightly be called the largest settlement of Romanian nationality in Hungary. It is situated along the international railway line connecting Budapest and Bucharest. It is accessible from Gyula on road No. 44 by taking a side road. It was first mentioned in records in 1412. Later it became the property of the Andrássy family, who built a Baroque mansion in 1742 and a Roman Catholic Church in 1749. From that time it became the centre of Kétegyháza-Gyulavár manor. The mansion built in 1859 was designed by Miklós Ybl. The School of Romanian Language celebrated the 200th anniversary of its foundation in 1993. At present it has 120 students. In the former mansion of counts Almássy the Agricultural Educational and Consultancy Institution has been working since 1952. Here you can find a collection of the history of the development of machines. The permanent exhibition, which has a European reputation, awaits visitors every day. In the former Almássy mansion hotel accommodation is available for tourists arriving in the village. A restaurant for 600 persons belongs to the school meeting all demands, while the building complex of the educational institution is ideal for organizing conferences. The local hunting society receives hunters from abroad, while the Steigerwald riding school and farm museum near the large village mainly attracts German and Austrian visitors. Another cultural value of the village is the Romanian Regional Museum of Kétegyháza, which was opened again in its original form in 1997 after long years of restoration. The series of programmes called Cultural Days of Kétegyháza have been held for several years with success. Other local sights include the Romanesque Orthodox church, which was built in 1779 on an artificial hill because of the high water level. It was restored in 2001.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Kétegyháza
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