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It is a settlement of 2,305 inhabitants 10 kms south-east of Mosonmagyaróvár, by road No. 1, on the banks of the Mosoni branch of the Danube. The two parts, Magyar- and Horvátkimle, were united in 1966. The baroque church of Magyarkimle was built in 17th c. on the ruins of a 13th c. church. The church of Horvátkimle was first mentioned in the 1600s, but the Gothic details suggest earlier origin. In the church yard we can see a monument to parson Miloradics, who was the priest of the village in 19th c. Next to it there is a plaque in memory of the arrival of the Croatians in 1534. The church and the cemetery is connected by a row of chestnut trees, which were planted to commemorate the victims of World War I. Among them there are seven carved wooden stations of the cross. In 2001 the statue of King Béla IV was unveiled on the bank of the Danube. The Danube serves as a wonderful possibility for recreation. The Water Carnival is held on 18th August.

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