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The village of Kincsesbánya is located 15 kms from Székesfehérvár. It is surrounded by the mountain range of the Bakony in the south and in the west, and by the Mór ditch and the extension of Sárrét in the north and the east. It has 1569 inhabitants. Due to the variety of surfaces, the village is especially rich in natural beauties. Under the surface limestone and bauxite are the most characteristic. The earth is rich not only in minerals but also in karst waters, regenerating continuously, that is why the village and its vicinity is a hydro-geological region. The other part of the water stock is thermal water, which has already been brought to the surface. It has the quality of drinking water, with a temperature of 30 °C. A considerable part of the water stock above the surface is given by Gaja brook, the old branch of which flows into the reservoir in Fehévárcsurgó 2 kms from here. In the territory of the sand-pit you can find the most significant urn cemetery in the county from the middle Bronze age. Four Celtic graves of the cemetery of the Celtic settlement were also found here dating back to the late Iron age. The oldest finding of the first Avar settlers comes from here, too. The rich collection of grave goods was found in 1836 : a pair of gold earrings with large balls, three-edged arrow-heads and straight swords typically used by Avar settlers. Kincsesbánya is a new village, it was founded on 1 January 1966, when parts of Gúttamási and Rákhegy, and the mine property were united. The development of Kincsesbánya is due to the open mining of bauxite which has already been finished. In memory of mining which used to give a secure living to the inhabitants, a Memorial Park of Miners was opened in 2004. The monograph of the village will also be published. It presents the history of the village and mining from 1201 to 2000. The village has formed connections with its sister-village, Koronka, Transylvania, where Sapientia University is to be built. Outstanding event is the Miners' Day on the first weekend of September.

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