Kistelek is situated between Kecskemét and Szeged, along the international motorway E75. The history of the town dates back to the Bronze age, but it started to develop in the 19th century owing to the good transport infrastructure and to the fact that it gained the right of holding fairs. It became a village in 1776, and it was given the rank of town in 1989. Now it is the centre of the small region consisting of 5 villages surrounding the town. Tourism has started to develop recently. From the town you can easily reach Szeged, the National Historical Memorial Park of Ópusztaszer, the spa baths of Kiskunmajsa and Mórahalom, the places of interests in the Puszta, the Primeval juniper grove and the river Tisza. The Community House of the Small Region, the Sports Hall with its impressive building, the Collection of Local History were opened, the Kocsó chapel and the Stations of the Cross were renewed in 2002 providing a wider variety of cultural and tourism programmes. Main attractions in the small region is eco-tourism - with several nature conservation areas protected locally or nationally - and active tourism offering cycling, walking and horse-riding. An important natural beauty of Kistelek is Müllerszék near the town and the locally protected Lake Bibic, where visitors can enjoy the unique fauna and flora of the countryside from a birds' post. Programmes: Cheese and Gastronomy Festival, Harvest feast, International dance competitions, Old Crafts in the Living Museum, Exhibition of Agriculture.

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