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A large village with 6,482 inhabitants 24 km west of Békéscsaba, in the south of the Great Plain, in the heart of county Békés. In Kondoros you can experience the past rich in relics and the dynamically developing present at the same time. The history of Kondoros is the history of hard working farmers, that of animal growers, the history of destruction and rebuilding in the Mongol and the Turkish invasion as well as in the World Wars. The famous wayside inn of Kondoros was built in 1740. The famous-notorious highwayman, Sándor Rózsa hid in the double chimney of the inn and escaped from the gendarms through the tunnel, which can still be seen. His legend and the romantic stories of highwaymen are commemorated by the Museum of Local history in the Inn along with the history of Kondoros. The St. Joseph church of the large village was built in 1884. The series of programmes called the Highwaymen’s days at the Inn has become a tradition preserving the equestrian folk traditions by organizing horse shows and competitions year by year.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Kondoros
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