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At present it has 4,500 inhabitants. It was first mentioned in records under the name 'Kernye' in 1238. After the period of migration Avars lived in the region for 250 years. In 1757 a Baroque church was built according to the plans of Jakab Fellner, which was destroyed in a fire. In its place a Romantic church was built according to the plans by Miklós Ybl in 1867. The most valuable part of the Roman Catholic church is the Baroque altar from the 18th century. A new school, a parish and a nursery were built in 1888. The landowner Károly Posztoczky established an observatory and a meteorological station in Erdőtagyos. A millennium memorial stone was erected by the village in 1896 with the inscription "Kard foglalta el, kereszt tartotta fenn e hazát" ("This country was conquered by the sword and kept by the cross") An old mansion was renewed here, which houses a children's and youth hostel run by the local council. In Nagytagyospuszta a Calvinist youth conference centre can be found, named after Zsigmond Dinnyés.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Környe
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