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The small village 18 km from Szeged was named after count Kübeck von Kübau, the court chamberlain of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. The inhabitants dealt with producing tobacco, and owing to the hard-working German and Hungarian inhabitants, the village was developing fast and by the turn of the century it had become the most beautiful and the richest village in the region. The St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church built in 1853 is the largest and the most beautiful in the region. It has been renewed and it is beautifully lit in the evenings. The largest event in the village is the feast held on 20th August, on St. Stephen's Day every year. There is a new and important tradition in the village: on the last Saturday of July the village of 1.500 inhabitants becomes the Village of Operettas. The celebration of Hungarian Operettas has already been held four times attracting as many as 10-15 thousand visitors. The village awaits friends, family members, relatives with various programmes.

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