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The village was named after prince Lajos Batthyány, who founded the village and planned it to be a a model settlement. It was founded in 1803 so Lajoskomárom is the youngest settlement in Fejér county. It is located on the southwestern edge of Mezőföld, in the centre of the loess ridge enclosed by the Sió and Sárrét. The model settlement does not belie its name. Visitors can find flowery streets with wide greenery. The wine cellars of Fülöp hill (about 250) are considered to be masterpieces of folk architecture. The wine competition on Lajos´ day in August, which will be held for the 36th time, is connected to wine tourism. The three fishing ponds are 12 hectares in size. The Hubertus Hunting Association organizes hunting. Sáripuszta, which belongs to the village, is the centre of Hungarian horse-breeding. There is a pension for riders on its area. There was a thermal bath up to 1986 here, which became the property of the local council in 2005. With the help of some investment, the thermal bath could be opened again, and establishing a leisure park in its neighbourhood would make it an attractive tourism spot.

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