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Village with about 5,000 inhabitants 25 km from Kecskemét on the Great Plain. Next to the fishermen's village quoted as Lak in 15th century documents river Tisza had been meandering in days of old. The fauna and flora of the varied moorland of the former inundation area is worth seeing. Tőserdő, lying on the banks of the backwater of Tisza is one of the most valuable part of the Kiskunság National Park. The 42 degree C medicinal water found there is excellent for the treatment of locomotor diseases, so the newly developed holiday resort have started to flourish. In addition to the thermal bath there are also an open-air bath, boats to rent, camping for motorists and other accommodation facilities available for visitors. The Hungarian Democratic Forum, the leading coalition party of József Antall's first goverment after the change of the political system was founded here in 1988. The village has become the symbol of the democratic transformation.

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