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A town with 5,400 inhabitants 13 km west of Érd (road No. 7). The Brunszvik mansion (Baroque) received its present neo-Gothic form in 1875. It is the seat of the Agricultural Research Institute of MTA (Hungarian Academy of Science) and it holds the Beethoven Museum, as a memorial of the visits the composer made to Martonvásár. The Baroque chapel in the mansion is now a Roman Catholic church. The park is the venue for Beethoven concerts in summer. Here you can find the Nursery School Museum. {logo=090145k2}A község közelében helyezkedik el a VADEX Rt. kezelésében álló váli vadaskert, mely nagyvad és nagyterítékű disznóhajtásairól híres.Der Grossgatter der VADEX AG. in Vál ist durch seine Hochwild und Sautreibjagden mit grosser Strecke berühmt.The preserve in the vicinity of the village Vál operated by VADEX Co. is famous for its beatings of big game and wild boar.

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