Mezőhegyes is a small town with 6,500 inhabitants in the south-east of Hungary, near the Romanian border. Although the territory has been inhabited for several thousand years, its main tourism attraction is related with the military stud and the stud-farm established by Emperor Joseph II more than 220 years ago. The stud-farm served as an exemplary farm in Europe, where the world-famous Nónius horse was bred. Famous architects, artists and excellent specialists have contributed to the establishment of this unique collection of values of agricultural history, monument protection, nature protection and culture. Outstanding examples of the more than fifty protected buildings are the impressive stud centre with the stud management building, the barracks, the indoor riding school, the triumphal arches and the nearly 200 years old plane-tree. Apart from the architectural, natural and cultural values there are excellent opportunities for leisure time activities such as horse riding, riding in carriages, hunting, fishing, riding and bicycle tours and hiking.

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