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The village of 1,060 inhabitants is situated in county Fejér, in the micro-region of Enying. The first part of its name refers to its geographical location, the name Komárom is of Slav origin meaning a place with mosquitoes. In its territory the remains of an early Bronze age settlement were excavated. In the Roman times the main road between Sopiane and Arrabona ran in this territory. The fragments of this road were found near the so-called Varga house. The remanis of other settlements and cemeteries were also found in the neighbourhood. In the period of the Hungarian conquest, it was the western end of the accommodation territory of the ruling tribes, which was protected by the Pecheneg people from the invaders. In 1661 it already had a Calvinist priest, and the Roman Catholic parish was established in 1724. The centre of the estates of the Prince Batthyány family was in the settlement. From 1757 it was a market town holding 4 national fairs every year. The estate was inherited by the count Draskovics family in 1870. Delicious wine is made here shown by the fact that it was declared part of the North-Tolna wine region.

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