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Village with 1,600 inhabitants at the southern border of Fejér county, with material and written relics from the era of King Béla IV. Original settlers of the village led a pastoral life-style, they had been moving from one shelter to another, this way the village of 'Karatsonzallas' could have been mentioned in the census of 1702. A folk tradition called "pasturing" performed currently, too, had been left to the village by the ancestors. The name of the small village became Nagykarácsony ('Great Christmas') in 1953. The festive stamping was introduced by the Hungarian Post in 1989, the "Post of Love" is opened on the first Sunday of Advent each year. The "House of Santa Claus" was opened in 1995, address of Santa Claus: 2425 Nagykarácsony.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Nagykarácsony
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