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A village with 349 inhabitants in the Őrség region. The village is built on both banks of the river Zala. The groups of houses are built separately on hills, which is typical of the region. It has a Calvinist and a Roman Catholic church, in the former one a concert organ was built. In the village you can find a community centre, a sports ground, a playground, a supermarket, a pottery workshop, an inn and a railway station. An interesting technical attraction is the 1,400 m long viaduct, which is famous in Europe, built on the Hungarian-Slovenian railway line. Another sight is the tunnel, which can be seen from the station. In the village you can find the tools of traditional farming, you can see plant cultivation in small plots, animal breeding, milking cows at houses. Pleasant leisure time activites are offered including riding in carriages, hunting, visiting the neighbouring villages.
Tourism has long traditions in the village, and today it can offer - in all seasons - modern guest houses, which still reflect the elements of traditional folk arcitecture.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Nagyrákos
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