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Village with 1,475 residents above Tata on the bank of the Danube. A unique attraction of the village at first sight is the Baroque monument Calvinist church with a typical tower built in the 15th century. The ruins of a quadrangular castle fortified with trenches can be seen on Castle Hill. As legend has it, the death of King Albert is associated with the place Király-kút (King's Well). The village has been famous for its wine for centuries, it was praised even by the Romans building the "limes". The wine of the sunny Meleges hill with a favourable location and special climate is usually compared to the Rhine wines. The Danube flowing nearby is rich in water fowls. The varied group of islands can be discovered on rafts. A Ship Museum is expected to be opened presenting the old ships anchored on the river bank, as well as the life of the rivermen.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Neszmély
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