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The village of 540 inhabitants is situated on the left bank of the Danube, in the north-western edge of the Sárköz of Kalocsa, in the forest of the high flood area. Its border was often destroyed by floods. It is situated 20 km from Kalocsa and 5 km from Dunapataj and Géderlak. Taking the ferry between Géderlak and Paks you can get to Transdanubia. The name of the village comes from a personal name. The Calvinist church was built in 1785-86. The interior of the church was made by wood carver Péter Szerváciusz from Transylvania. The red-blue-green-golden colours perfectly match the wood carvings. There were very good connections between the village and the island of Ordas. The island provided the inhabitants with apples, plums, walnut, honey and wood grown there. Today it has 540 inhabitants who appreciate this heritage and would like to preserve it for the future generations.
The natural attractions of Ordas: the Danube bank with a wonderful panorama, with a well-kept river bank with parks, and with the port built in the 30s now used for other purposes. It is famous for its "Rákóczi oak tree": according to the local legends Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II. had a rest under this tree in 1704, when he was here with his troops. If it is true, this giant 20-metre-high tree is at least 350 years old. A nice park surrounding the locally protected memorial tree awaits visitors. The Village Days of Ordas are organized in the middle of September (handicrafts show, cooking competition, folk dance programmes, horse show, fishing competition).

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Ordas
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