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Town with 1,300 residents in the valley of the river Zala, the centre of the Őrség region. It is accessible on the Hungarian-Slovenian railway line or on national motorway No. 8. It is part of the Őrség National Park. The characteristic layout of scattered settlement in "small districts" (szeres) can be studied in the town. The collection of local history, which can be found in the Community Centre, comprises remarkable items of foklore and folk art in this region. The Catholic church was built around 1230 in Romanesque style. The southern portal is rich with decoration, the choir is with a semicircular arch. The remains of a medieval brick-works can be seen near the church. Its old avenue of lime-trees near the centre of the town is protected. Every year the Őrség Folklore Fair is traditionally held on the last weekend of June.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Őriszentpéter
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