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A small village in a sandy territory, at the border of county Csongrád and Bács-kiskun, 40 km from Szeged. It lies near the main road No. 55, in typical surroundings of the Great Hungarian Plain: sandy pastures, sandy waste plains, planted forests, plant cultures. It was populated as early as the age of Árpád, its present name refers to a Turkish family name. The famous traveller in Africa, László Magyar was the descendant of the one-time landlord of the village, Imre Magyar. His memory is preserved by a park and a primary shool bearing his name. It became an independent village in 1908. The Roman Catholic Church was built in 1939. The fauna and flora of the surroundings is very rich, it is excellent for hunting. You can also find nice forests in the sandy territory where you can go hiking. Baromjárás-puszta is the habitat for rare insect and plant species. It is crossed by the route of the Blue Tour of the Great Hungarian Plain. The hunters' house called Gyarmati and Módra-farm await visitors who are interested in farm tourism. Traditional programmes in the village: Hunters' Ball in February, the Asparagus Festival in June, the Vintage Ball in October, the Parents' Ball and the László Magyar Memorial Day in November.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Öttömös
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