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A village with a population of 2,700 on the northern side of Lake Velence. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The first victorious battle of the Hungarian Honvéd Army commanded by Lieutenant-General Móga was accomplished here over the troops of Jellasics, Governor of Croatia. The first war memorial, built in the village of public contributions was inaugurated in 1889, while a second one on Mészeg Hill followed in 1951. There is also a museum here displaying the relics of the age. The geology, fauna and flora of the Lake Velence region are presented in the arboretum established next to the memorial. Next to the entrance there is the chapel commemorating the soldiers of the Second Hungarian Army who lost their lives at the Don-bend in 1943. Geological treaures under nature protection are the rocking stones at Pákozd. To our present knowledge the earthworks of the Pákozd mound was the most significant Bronze Age settlements on the northern side of Lake Velence. Some of the most outstanding programs include: International Kite Flying Festival (at Pentecost), Pákozd Days (in September).

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Polgármesteri Hivatal, Pákozd
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