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This village of 1300 inhabitants is 23 km south-east of Kiskunhalas. It became independent in 1908, and has a lot to thank to Béla Ormódi, who started wine-growing on 430 acres at the turn of the century. The special sand-soil wine of Pusztamérges is still very famous. The Roman Catholic church was built in 1939. Beside it there is the monument of the dead of the two world wars. In the entrance hall of the cultural centre one can get acquainted with the life of the village, and there is another exhibition in the fire-station depot. In 1996 the village got the award of the movement called "For flowery Hungary" and a special award of  "European Village Reconstruction". The protected Mérges-puszta and Láperdő can be pleasant places for excursions. Riding is also possible.

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