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The village is located at the edge of Mór ditch, 8 kms from Mór in the north-western part of the Vértes in Fejér county. The number of inhabitants is growing rapidly, the local council has formed nearly 100 ground-plots for building houses since last year. It was named after the royal customs place set up in the 15th century. The village is rich in remains from the Roman age. The 'Red cloister' in Vértesszentkereszt from 1146 and the ruins of Gerencsér castle built by the Csáks can be found in the vicinity. The name of the village became famous by coal mining. A clean karst water tarn was formed in the holes left by open mining. It is a popular holiday place. The surrounding forests are rich in game; hunting tourism has a significant role in the village. The castle of the forestry receives hunters. The first inhabitants of Pusztavám were mainly ethnic Germans of Hungary. It is an ethnic German village even today, where the art groups lay a great stress on preserving traditions. The music and folk dance groups present Swabian culture and customs on their performances on local events and travelling in the country. The Regional House of ethnic Germans presents traditional relics. The village has international connections through family relations; its friend town is Gerestried. Besides Germany Pusztavám has good connections with Nickelsdorf, Austria, Chamalieres, France. These foreign connections also add a lot to the tourism of the village. Fishing tourism is also significant, it is based on the local fishing association. Wine tourism is also developing, as local wines raise the reputation of Mór wine region. Hikers can also find our village on the national 'Blue sign' hiking path. Pusztavám awaits visitors all year round, especially for its outstanding events. The list of important events is opened by the carnival week, the closing programme of which is the famous and popular Swabian ball. Other events are the Village Days and patronal festival on Anthony's day in the middle of June, followed by the Autumn Patronal festival on the 21st week after Whitsun and Vintage Days on the last weekend of September.

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