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The village of nearly 3,000 inhabitants is situated in the north-east of county Vas. Due to its closeness to the river Répce it was inhabited as early as the late Iron and the Bronze age shown by the remains found here. The most archaeological findings were excavated on "Castle hill", as it is still called by the locals, e.g. the remains of a small castle from around the 11th-14th century. The predecessor of the present-day Répcelak - under the name Lak - was first mentioned in records in 1390. "Répczelak" became a significant settlement by the end of the 19th century. In the year of the millenium it had 1,025 inhabitants living in 134 houses. The flourishing of the village was owing to the Radó family: in 1870 the church was built. The most beautiful architectural work of the village is the magnificent mansion, which was based on a building from the age of King Matthias. Its remained part is the baroque, so-called "Gardener’s lodge", which is the only monument of Répcelak.

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