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It is a crossing at the southern frontier towards Szabadka, by road E75. It has got a population of 3,200 and became independent only in 1950, though it was mentioned in 15th c. sources. Its development was broken by the Turkish invasion. The church in the centre dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua was built in 1913 and has the coat of arms of Szeged on its facade. In the central square the statue was dedicated to St. Anthony on 2 March 2003 by Transylvanian sculptor Serban Bonaventura. In the churchyard there is the monument of the dead of World War II. made by Klára Tobiás. Not far from there is the monument of the Great War and the marble relief of former Prime Minister Imre Nagy. The school on the edge of the village was one of the first schools that collected the children of the scattered, isolated farms. It was opened in 1855 and was closed at the end of the 1960s. In the garden there is the wooden carving of Ferenc Polyák. The two ponds in the neighbourhood have no water any more only reeds. But Madarász pond is still a lake and an excellent place for fishing. The Telehouse and the Community centre awaits visitors as an e-Hungary station.

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