Village with almost 3,000 inhabitants in the western part of Csongrád county, 8 km from road No. 55, - in the neighbourhood of Szeged.
The town with modern infrastructure has been developing dynamically since 1964. The market place was established in 1999, where a live-stock market and a country fair is held every fourth Sunday every month. The Telehouse was opened in the village on 4 July 2001, where access to the Internet, computers and photo copy service are available for the locals. This building houses the Tourinform Office and the Local Council of the Youth of Ruzsa also holds its meetings here. In the middle of the 1980s a thermal spring was discovered near the border of the village, which is to be utilized for tourism purposes according to the long-term plans of the village. The territory of the village includes a 3,000ha forest, where oak trees planted in the 19th century and several species of trees, native of the Great Hungarian Plain can be found. The blue-sign tourist route crosses the territory, where you can also find a rest area which has served as a camping site for the children living in the town for years. In the forests of Ruzsa and in the marshy fields special protected plants can be seen. Hiking and the beautiful environment provide pleasant relaxation for visitors. The territory of the Hunting Association of the Landowners of Ruzsa and the Neighbourhood provide a more than 13,000 ha hunting ground rich in fallow-deers, boars, roe-deers, pheasants and hares. Fishing is offered at the 3ha water reservoir of Napsugár Fishing Association. The community centre of the village was built in 1967. Tömörkény square is decorated with a monument of liberation (1982) by László Marton and with a bust of writer Ferenc Móra (1980) by Károly Ócsai. The establishment of the millenium central park started in 2000. The park was opened in 2003. In Alkotmány square the bronze bust of King St. Stephen by sculptor Sándor Tóth was erected on 20 August 2000. In 2002 Kossuth park was established with a monument of Kossuth and you can also see a monument of the victims of the revolution of 1956 here. Ruzsa was awarded "The Most Flowery Village of Hungary" prize in 2004. In 2005 it received a bronze classification at the international Entente Florale competition.
The most popular event of Ruzsa is the Village day and Fish soup cooking competition held on 1 May every year, which also offers cultural programmes to visitors. The Sports day is organized every year, on the second Saturday of September, which provides a wide range of sports facilities and organizes sports competitions for the inhabitants of the county. In October a micro-regional bicycle race is organized, where the first prize is a bicycle for the winners in each category.

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