The town is situated in the south of county Fejér, about 20 km from the Danube. Geologically the settlement was built on loess territory. The brook Sárvíz flows to the west of the town, almost parallel with the core of the settlement in north-south direction (the northern part is Bogárd, the southern one is Sárszentmiklós). Bogárd, the present-day centre of the town was first mentioned in records in 1323, its landlord was István Bogárdi, a Pecheneg nobleman. It was given the rank of market town in 1855, it became a large village in 1872 and a district seat in 1879. On 1 January 1986 it was given the rank of town. Sights include the House of Regional Traditions, the earthwork from the Bronze age, the Roman Catholic church of Pusztaegres.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Sárbogárd
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