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The village is situated south of Székesfehérvár and north of Simontornya. The one-time Pecheneg settlement developed into a village, which was first mentioned in records in 1324. The life of the village was connected to the castle of Simontornya in the Middle Ages and in the Turkish times. Between 1650 and 1945 the territory belonged to the Zichy family. (The one-time Zichy estate is situated near a fishing lake.) In 1977 it became the partner village of Cece. It became independent again in 1990. The water supplies of the territory depend on the water output of the Sárvíz. At present you can find 200ha still water in the territory of the village. Before the regulation of the Sárvíz, most of the territory was covered with still water. A special natural value of the settlement is the lakes of Rétszilas (fishing lakes) within its border, which are beautifully located between the Nádor and the Malom channels. The undisturbed neighbourhood has been a nature protection area since 1996. Painter István Csók (1865-1960) was born here and spent his childhood in this village, which is situated in friendly hills and around gentle water currents. His house of birth was the water mill built in the middle of the 1800s.

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