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Town in the north-east of county Békés, on the right bank of the river Fekete-Körös, a few km from the Romanian border. It is the centre of the Sarkad-Small region consisting of 11 settlements. For several years it has been the sister town of Nagyszalonta, Snagov in Romania and Niestetall in Germany. In the centre of the town you can see the Calvinist church with 9 towers, which is unique in the world. Nice sights of the town are the statue of St. Stephen and the equestrian statue of Árpád, the leader of the tribes, as well as the monument of the heroes of World Wars I and II, and the monument erected to commemorate the martyrs of Arad. The Béla Bartók Community Centre and Library, the Sándor Márki Collection of Local History, the Town Gallery and the Sándor Kónya memorial room attract visitors who are interested in arts, while Lake Éden I and II, which are situated in the geometrical centre of the town offer fishing and boating for the lovers of nature.

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