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The village is situated in the west of county Győr-Moson-Sopron, between the Fertő and the Hanság regions. Administratively it consists of three villages: Sarród, Nyárliget and Fertőújlak. All these three villages were put on the list of World Heritage in the cultural landscape category. Sarród is an organic part of the Fertő-Hanság-Őrség National Park, the centre of which is the directorate housed in the impressive building of Kócsagvár, which is one of the sights of the village. Its history was determined by Lake Fertő and the border nearby. The higher places of the region, which was often covered with water, have been inhabited since the stone age. After the Hungarian conquest the settlement, which was founded by the Hungarian and the Pecheneg people settling down here later, played an important role in the defence-system of the country. It was first mentioned in records in 1313. Near the village there was a custom collecting spot and a port at the lake, which stretched as far as the village at that time. The remains of the old settlement can be seen even today by visitors, a nice example of which is the row of houses in Fő street and the House of Regional Traditions at 8 Szeder street.

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