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A town of 8,000 inhabitants 10 km from Kiskőrös, in a dominant region of the wine-country of Kiskunság. Lake Vadkert lying 3 km from the town is one of the best known and most popular salt lakes in the Great Hungarian Plain. The lake of 80 ha is excellent for bathing, rowing and fishing. The sandy shore and the shallow water deepening slowly make it an ideal place for families with small children. The camping site on the shore offers accommodation for 600 persons. The lake shore is protected. Going towards Bócsa from the village you can see a typical sandy territory with junipers and poplar trees. Programmes include organization of youth and training camps, conferences for companies, presentations. Cinema seating 160 persons, open all year round. Festivals: motorcyclists’ festival (May), wine festival on the lake shore (1 July), beer festival on the lake shore (28-29 July), vintage festival (12-14 October).

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