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Picturesque village with 696 inhabitants on the northern part of Lake Velence on the southern slopes of Meleg hill. It was first mentioned in documents in 1270 by the name of Sokoró, which means forest, hillock, valley. On 28th September the general staff of Lajos Kossuth's army held the preparatory war council before the battle of Pákozd in the Calvinist church built in 1702. The seats of the most prominent participants are marked by small boards. The Baroque organ (made in 1876) is a listed monument. The old part of the village with some beautiful examples of folk architecture - the cottar's lodge or the wine cellars in Borjúvölgy - is an excursion target. Geological sights: Gyapjas-sack, Italian quarry, Likas stone, (sometimes mentioned as rocking stone).

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Sukoró
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