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The village, which is famous for its mansion, is situated 15 km east of Gyula, 12 km south of Békéscsaba, near the Romanian border. The village of 3,000 inhabitants became independent in 1950. In the east of the village you can find the Wenckheim mansion with a unique exterior. The population, which escaped from the Turkish destruction in the 16th century, was replaced by tobacco farmers from county Csongrád by the landlord József Wenckheim at the beginning of the 18th century. The mansion and the manor next to it has housed a school of agriculture and food industry with a dormitory. The mansion park can be visited freely, the interior – with tour guides on preliminary registration. The mansion tour includes the renewed salon, the library and the chapel crypt. The mansion (1875-1879) and the granary were built according to the plans by Miklós Ybl. The eclectic, impressive mansion with a special exterior is decorated with rare German Renaissance architectural elements, too. The mansion festivity in July and the temporary concerts in the banquet hall attract many visitors. The 22 ha park is part of a landscape protection area. The French garden in front of the dormitory and the English landscaped garden with the romantic lake reflect the golden age of the mansion. According to the legends the mansion has 365 windows so that the countess could look out of a different window on each day of the year. The successful Hungarian film ”Love Emília Ódor” was shot in the mansion in 1969. Visiting the mansion can be part of your holiday in Gyula, along with visiting Kétegyháza and Elek.

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