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Town with 6,800 inhabitants in the north of county Bács-Kiskun, at the meeting of the sandy ridge of Kiskunság and the plain along the Danube. It is situated 80 km south of the capital. It is an ancient Cumanian settlement, it was first mentioned in records in 1279 under the name Zombathszállás. The oldest edifice in the settlement is the Calvinist church of 1628. In the cemetery tomb of Kornélia Prielle, Petőfi's fiancée, then actress at Debrecen. On 15th June, 1848, in elections of deputies, Sándor Petőfi failed at Szabadszállás. Now there are 8 memorial places devoted to him. In the farm Csintova poet Attila József lived with his relatives in a field-guard's house. To get to know the etnographical relics and the special atmosphere of the puszta and the shepherds' life, you can go on organized excursions or you can visit the Regional Museum and the Farm Museum. Visitors are offered equestrian programmes, farms with horses, wine tasting and cellar programmes. The region has facilities for village tourism, eco-tourism and provides accommodation in villages and towns. The colourful programmes of the Days of the Town in June, the auto-cross races, fishing and hunting are also offered to visitors.

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