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A village of 1,600 inhabitants 20 km north-west of Oroszlány. Originally it consisted of two settlements: Szák and Szend. Szák was first mentioned in records under the name Zaak (personal name) in 1281, while Szend (from the Hungarian noun meaning eye) was known as Zend in 1241. The Roman Catholic Guardian Angels Church of Szák is of Gothic origin and it was rebuilt according to the plans by Jakab Fellner in 1766. The Lutheran church was built in neo-Classical style in 1848, the pulpit was built in the style of the age Louis XVI. at the end of the 18th century. The Roman Catholic St. Joseph church of Szend was built in Baroque style in 1747 and was rebuilt in 1790. The Calvinist church was built in Baroque style in 1789 and was rebuilt in 1934. The Lutheran church was destroyed in a fire, but it was rebuilt in 1860. The village day is held at Whitsuntide.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Szákszend
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