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Szalafő is one of the oldest historical settlements of Őrség region. It is situated in the middle of Őrség National Park and attracts visitors who wish to relax with its unique settlement structure of dispersed groups called szer, with its preserved folk architectural values, excellent subalpine climate and its beautiful surroundings.
The group of folk monuments in Pityerszer is one of the most frequently visited museums of county Vas.
It has 230 inhabitants. More and more locals start dealing with village tourism, as the region provides excellent opportunities for this. The locals aim to preserve and present their traditional values with pleasure. Visitors who arrive in Szalafő can go back in time a little.
Outstanding programmes: the fair of Őrség at the last weekend of June, the Days of Blooming at Whitsun, the programme called Hétrétország in the middle of August and the vintage procession at the last weekend of September.

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