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A village with 2,980 inhabitants at national highway No. 51, 4 km from the Danube, opposite Dunaújváros. The strictly closed village centre with two listed monuments, the parish hall and the Baroque Calvinist church, is unique throughout Europe. Built at the end of the 18th century, Beálló Fogadó (= rest-house) was frequented by Sándor Petőfi some decades later and could see the birth of a number of his poems. In the building there are permanent exhibitions with literary, ethnographic and local history relics on show. The full size statue of Sándor Petőfi by László Márton is in the main square. The local folk dance ensemble have toured in several European countries with great success. Kiskunság main channel in the neighbourhood of the village is an anglersŚ paradise. The clear water of the nearby mine lakes is suitable for bathing.


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