Szentes is a youthful city of the Hungarian Plain, situated in county Csongrád, on the bank of the river Tisza. It is rich in sunshine and thermal water, which determines its life. Its special image is given by the river Kurca crossing the village. The Széchenyi-grove enclosed by the river Kurca is the largest park of Szentes with relics of botany and cultural history. Its unique natural values are provided by the rivers Tisza and Körös with their natural beauty, and their rich fauna and flora. The 16 ha park of its hospital, which was established in the 1930s, is under local protection. Here you can find the first thermal well of the town, hidden by an Oriental pagoda.
Near the town you can find the second thermal lake of Europe, which also proves the excellent geothermical values of the town. The Sports and Leisure Centre of Szentes offers various kinds of recreation in pleasant environment. Thermal pools (with pleasure elements) sauna and sparkling bath are offered for those who wish to relax, and swimming pools and chutes for those who wish to play sport. Apart from family chutes you can also find kamikaze and anaconda chutes here. For smaller children two children's pools are offered with chutes, sparkling and splashing bath. The beautiful surrundings and the wide variety of services provide relaxation and refreshment for all generations. The Thermal Medicinal Bath with a character of a Turkish bath has 71 °C, alkali hydrogen-carbonate, fluoride medicinal water, which is suitable for treating rheumatic, locomotor and chronic gynaecological diseases. Apart from the various water and electro-therapeutic treatments, the bath offers a sanatorium for day treament. The town is rich in places of interest, too. The peaceful promenade on the bank of the river Kurca receives the visitors first. Other sights include the beautiful park of Erzsébet square, the Town hall built in the style of the age of King Louis XVI. in France, the Catholic St. Ann Church, the neo-Classic former County Hall, the renewed, impressive main square in the heart of the town, the Calvinist Great Church, which has the longest nave of the churches in the Hungarian Plain, and the Petőfi Hotel bearing the special fatures of the style of designer Lechner. Further, sights include the Orthodox church, the Lutheran church, the Ornamented Well in Luther Square, or the building of the Synagogue, which houses a library. Active sport plays an important role in the life of the town. Its success is proved by the fact that the town was awarded the title of the "National Sports Town 1996". The cultural life of the town is also active, it offers a cultural programme to its inhabitants almost every day. It is a typical town of the Hungarian Plain, where plant production in fields is the dominant activity and this determines the image of the town. The wheat, corn and sunflower fields, the greenhouses and the waste land in winter give a unique character to the town.

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