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The village of 4,136 inhabitants. To get here, go to Győr on motorway M1 and then go south on road No. 83. Several archaelogical findings prove that it has been inhabited since the Stone age. After the Hungarian conquest, one part of the settlement was called Besenyő-Thetnek in the 11th century. Its name probably refers to the first owners (Thet-clan). It was first mentioned in a document by King Béla IV in 1269. The oldest seal of the village comes from the period after the Turkish had been driven out of the country (1697). After the battle of Koroncó in 1704, the Austrian general, Heister burnt up the village. In 1715, the wounds of imperial officer, Ailert Keresztély, were healed by the spring water breaking out in the former Besenyő-Tét. After this, pilgrimage started, and the present Tétszentkút was formed. From 1771 to 1951 it was the seat of the Sokoróalja district and the cultural and economic centre of the region. In the 18th century it was the second largest settlement after Győr. In 1778 the Kisfaludy family moved here with Sándor Kisfaludy, who was 6 years old at that time. 10 years later, his younger brother, Károly Kisfaludy was born here, who also became famous. Miklós Révai was the parish priest here in 1795-96. Endre Pázmándi Horváth was the founding member of the Hungarian Academy of Science. The landowner József Téti Takács lived here, who was the friend of poet Dániel Berzsenyi. The development of the village started after the revolution and war of independence in 1848-49, when a farmers' club, a tradesmen's club and a women's club were established, and a soda factory and a steam mill were built. In 1908 it was given the rank of large village, and since then the letter 'h' has not been used in its name. In the 1970s several large companies of Győr (Linen Weaving Company, Mezőgép, Elzett) established branches and subsidiaries in the large village. After the changes in the ownership in the 1990s, only the SOKOR Machine factory survived. In 2001 Tét was awarded the rank of town. Tétszentkút, which belongs to the town, is a well-known place of pilgrimage.

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