Tiszakécske is situated in the north-east of county Bács-Kiskun, in one of the largest and most beautiful bends of the river Tisza, with nearly 12,000 inhabitants, near three large towns, Kecskemét, Nagykőrös and Szolnok. A 22,5 km long section of the river Tisza touches the town. The neighbourhood of the town was already populated before the Hungarian conquest. Our conquering ancestors went through the territory and they settled down here as well. Archaeologists found a grave and belt fittings of a Hungarian conqueror in the territory. The ruins of the church of Kincsempart from Bög date back to the age of the Árpáds (12th-14th centuries). The settlement was given a rank of town in 1986. Its beauty spots are the protected fauna and flora of the Nature Reserve of the middle-Tisza Region (Hortobágy National Park) as well as the beautiful surroundings of the river Tisza and its dead branches. (The dead branch of the river is ideal for fishing). On the bank of the river you can find a 300-m long free sandy beach with several facilities. In the town you can also find two thermal baths: the Thermal bath of the bank of the Tisza and the bath of Kerekdomb. The dinamically developing town offers rich cultural programmes especially in the high season of tourism (spring, summer, autumn). Important venues for these events are the János Arany Community Centre and the bank of the Tisza. In the town there are institutions of primary and secondary education (a primary school, a vocational school and two grammar schools). Sights include: the Church of the Holy Trinity (1820, late-Baroque style), the Calvinist church (1909, neo-Gothic), the Community house of Old-Kécske with its collection of cushions, exhibition of local history, temporary exhibitions, the Studio Gallery of painter Béla Gyalai, the workshop of Miklós Kovács, the folk artist of blue dying, the pottery workshop of Edit Böröczki, the Town Library with its Sándor Jánosi memorial exhibiton.

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