Town in county Békés, 18 km from Orosháza, 45 km from Békéscsaba, 60 km from Szeged. The change of the Slovakian-Hungarian population in 1946-48 determined the situation of the village and the structure of the population for many decades. Due to its dynamic development it was given the rank of town on the 1st of November 1993. The more than 250-year-old town of Slovakian nationality awaits visitors with many sights, places of interest and well-known hospitality. The symbol of the town is the monumental building of the Lutheran church built in late-Baroque style in 1795. The main tourist centre in the peaceful town with clean air is the popular Rose bath opened in 1942. It is situated in the heart of the town and apart from bathing it offers excellent medicinal services based on alkali-hydrogen-carbonate thermal water of 46 °C with high silicon acid content. For rheumatic patients physicotherapy and balneotherapy based on thermal water are available. The complete reconstruction and development of the bath was finished in 2003. Equestrian tourism is important in the town. Local cultural programmes are held annually: the Festival of dry sausages of Tótkomlós on the third weekend of May, Cultural evenings held every second weekend from the first weekend of June to the last weekend of August, Tótkomlós Days on the 19-20th of August, gastronomy, cultural and art programmes in several parts of the town centre.

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